the A family

 I feel like I just took this little lady's newborn pictures…and now she's SIX months old!  She's such a sweet, smiley little one.  I had so much fun taking their family photos and Kensley's 6 month photos.  They're a beautiful family, inside and out!  Their photos were taken at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.  Enjoy!
Merry Christmas!!


 Over Thanksgiving I did a little photo shoot for these models I happen to know.  Their celebrity name is Jim (Jenna and Tim).  I've got some good lookin' family, don't you think?!  

the A family

 One of the things I love about taking photos of families is getting to see them grow over the years.  This was my second fall shoot with the A family.  They're a fun, adventurous, loving and spunky family - my favorite kind!  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!
Thanks for a fun fall morning, A family!!

nolan {newborn}

 Meet Nolan - a serious heart breaker.
 Nolan is the little guy of my best friend from the first day of Kindergarten.  We've literally lived a lifetime of fun memories together - starting with kindergarten through high school, weddings, and babies.
 Nolan is one lucky dude to have awesome parents.  They're naturals.  He's a very loved little man.
 Welcome to the world, Nolan!

the C family

 The C family has been dear dear friends of ours for years and years.  We've loved this family as they've grown from a family of 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 and now 6!
 Wesley is 3 months old - a sweet and perfect addition to the C family.
 She's a wonderful big sis, which blows my mind...because she's supposed to still be a baby.  She's growing into a beautiful little lady!
 Then there's the big bro - who again, managed to grow up into a little does this keep happening?!  I'm not getting older, so how are they??
 and the little-big sister.  She's a spunkster, this one!  Lots of personality packed into one little blondie.
 the men

Nolan {1}

Nolan is ONE!!
I just love this family - there is so much love between them, they're so much fun to be around, and seriously, they look like they could be in a magazine.  They make my job easy.
We took Nolan's 1 year photos at the Capitol in the middle of a heat wave.  At first, Nolan thought we were crazy for attempting this, but he came around and flashed us his charming smiles!
I think he looks like Baby George Clooney here!
Happy Birthday, little man!!