Anni {1 year}

 Anni is ONE!  What a difference a year makes - this little peanut came into the world as a preemie and gave us all a little scare, but watch out world, Anni is a preemie no more!
 Happy Birthday Anni!

the g family

 The G family are friends of ours.  Marianne happens to be a very talented photographer, so one nice summer day, we did a little family photo exchange!  They've since been blessed with a beautiful little girl!
 What a beautiful family - hope we can do this again!

brady {2}

 Brady turned 2 in August...where does the time go?!  He's an absolute joy.  I may be biased, since I'm his mom, but I think he's the greatest 2 year old in the world...hands down
 Happy Birthday, sweet boy!