our backyard

 my boys
 love him - even though he's recently hit the terrible twos terribly hard

erin {3 months}

 can't get enough of baby Erin!
 happy 3 month birthday little E!!

the L family

 the L family are dear friends of ours and we just adore their little baby boy!
 welcome to the world little N!

the m family

 I know we just met, but I love this family.  Fun, warm, and loving.  I love how their shots turned out and hope they do too!


 Another gorgeous mama-to-be.  Jill is expecting baby number 3 this winter.  She should be a maternity model, she makes pregnancy look good!


 Little Miss. Eliza - such an awesome personality already!  I really can't get enough of her...she makes the best faces and is so darn sweet.  Her parents aren't too bad either.

the l family

  I met this fun family for the first time on the day of their shoot.  They have 3 sweet girls, all with such spunk and personality.  I really enjoyed our time!


 Don't let her size fool you - she's a fighter!  Annika gave her family and friends a scare when she arrived a little too early.  She spent some time in the NICU but thankfully is home and doing wonderfully.  I captured these shots a the week she got home.

jessi's girl

They recently welcomed baby number 3, a girl, in October.  I was honored to capture some fun shots before she arrived.  Jessi is an amazing mom and friend, and I just can't get enough of their munchkins.


 Meet Brook - a gorgeous girl.  For obvious reasons, she's beautiful, and if you know her parents like I do, then you know she has a beautiful heart as well.
 I miss her - hoping to add more Brook pics soon!

my muses

 meet adam & brady - the two loves of my life
you'll be seeing a lot of them!